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Sinds 1 januari 2000

News letter september 2015

News letter september 2015

To promote our Nepal tea, we have introduced 3 rebate packages:

1.     2 x 50 grams – 10% rebate

2.     3 x 50 grams – 15% rebate

3.     4 x 50 grams – 20% rebate

You can order these packeges through the web shop and mail us seperately which teas you would like to receive.


Coming weekend we will participate  in the Monument open days, at Radio Kootwijk..

We will be selling Nepal teas, Nepal coffee and Sumatra Wahana Estate coffees.

Also we will demonstrate coffee roasting.


Organic Nepal Tea - Pearls

FInally the right qualities and time have been found to produce Pearls.

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival.


Expensive specialties/rarities

We have packed our most expensive qualiies in small batches – 150 grams

Please request by e-mail


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