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News letter April 2019

News letter April 2019

A new coffee just arrived:

Washed Guatemala Arabica, var. Laurina (bourbon pointu - pointed bourbon), SHB, EP.


A special arabica variety, first discovered on the Île de Bourbon, now called Île de la Réunion.

The coffee with the lowest ccaffeine content.

This coffee was grown on the Finca Nueva Granada.

This variety can also be found on New Caeledonia, but at a completely different price if available.


We expect to receive shortly some coffee from Saint Helena, the very famous Green  Tipped Bourbon.

The coffee Napoleon liked and which he discovered when exciled.

On the web site we put some links to above top arabica coffees.

Although the coffee market is at a very low level internationally, this does not mean that we can buy our high end coffees at very low prices, rather the contrary.

In our assortment we have applied some minor price changes


Especially roasted coffee has been adjusted upwards thanks to our recent VAT increase and because. Of the too low difference with our green prices.


Starting April we will invoice our roasted coffees through Gebrand b.v., a new company by Yvonne and Ivo van der Putten and Sandra Nawijn.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Yvonne, Sandra, Ivo







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