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News letter December 2019

News letter December 2019

Dear coffee lover

Year end is approaching so is the holiday break for Yvonne and Ivo.

Sandra will take over but since she also has a regular job, we would like to make life easiest possible for her, so:

Our last roasting days for this year are on Monday 16th and Thursday 19th of December.
Our first roasting day in 2020: January 9th.

Because of the holidays:

We offer to order small quantities of our more expensive and unique coffees like
St. Helena, Sao Tome, Hawaï, Kopi Luwak etc.

Mail to:
for roasted coffee >> info@gebrand.nl
for green coffee >> info@ongebrand.nl

Although the international coffee market prices jumped impressionately the last month,
we will not increase our prices for the time being.

We thank you for loyalty this year and wish you you happy holidays and a prosperous 2020.

Ongebrand b.v. Gebrand b.v.
Yvonne, Sandra en Ivo