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New web site design for Ongebrand b.v.

New web site design for Ongebrand b.v.


With much pleasure we announce our re styled web site.

The coming we will work on the web site to place more information and specifically photographs.

Any good suggestions? Your ideas are welcomed.

Do you have a nice picture of your "roasting site", we like to publish this on the web.


We have also some lesser news, we increased the price of some of our (cheap) coffees. 

The manufacturer of our home roasters, Genesis, announced a price increase for the Gene Cafe.

Per Januari1, 2015, we might have to increase the price of the Gene Cafe.


We expect in to receive in December, new crop Wahana coffees, also a Honey Washed Rasuna . . .


Kindest regards,


Yvonne & Ivo van der Putten

Ongebrand b.v.