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News letter December 2022

News letter December 2022

Dear friends

Supply anxiety and transport problems dominated the last 2 years the international coffee exchanges. 

Prices doubled, good for producers, a little less for the consumers….

Higher fuel prices and service costs are an important part of the coffee price, we will have to deal with this in the future.

We just received info on the new postage fees for 2023.

We are very unhappy with the price increases, for many destinations we see a doubling or even tripling of the current tariffs.

Although we have protested against the unreasonable price increases, we are not very optimistic that the protest will be successful.

Another cost increasing fact is that we have to limit maximal shipment quantity to 20 kg.

We therefore strongly advice you to make use of the current postage fees and maximum 30 kg quantity before the end of December.

We look positively forward to a new coffee year, because of the high prices, producers will even try harder to produce more and better qualities, and that’s what we, consumers, want! 

We do wish you happy holidays and a an excellent New Year.