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Nepal Washed Arabica Bourbon, Organic, Kavre

€ 19.00

Our supplier Green Land Organic:
We grow and collect one of the rarest Arabica Coffees in the world from Nepal & we've been doing this for over last 13 years.  Our coffee is

Description of this coffee:

Where is this coffee come from?

This arabica bourbon washed processed coffee is a single origin micro-lot coffee with a medium to the thick body and a delicious fruit toned acidity. It is grown at the Greenland Organic Farm, Kavre District Nepal located (coordinates 27.453613, 85.434472) at 1690 meter altitude and few other neighbor’s farm.

Cup profile:

Aromatics of Nepalese Cedar that tastes delicious with a hint of mint, black currant, and a lingering sweet finish., a bit herbal, notes of caramel, basil, and citrus-like acidity have been observed.

Suitable for specialty micro-roasters, competitions, and great-coffee lovers.


About the Farm: Greenland Organic Farm, owner of HimalayanArabica® Brand

Based on the principle of Quality Coffee and Sustainable Pricing™ Greenland Organic Farm is happily producing and exporting Nepal’s one of the best green coffees to the specialty roasters worldwide. We are proud to be regarded as the first coffee brand from Nepal to flourish in the international specialty market and is well on its way to truly becoming The Jewel of Asian Coffee™.

Greenland Organic Farm provides farming and production training to farmers and coffee professionals from our inhouse coffee school. HimalayanArabica® Nepal Coffee brand aims to put our country in the world coffee map by building ethical and sustainable direct relationships that connect and positively impact the producers and consumers and everyone in between.


 farmers cooperative, ethical and eco-friendly green beans which is grown organically, free from chemical fertilizers & harmful pesticides.
We are known as one of the premium quality Arabica suppliers from Nepal and we will never ever compromise of our quality and commitments.

Our coffee is shade grown, naturally-nourished, 100% handpicked having exclusive flavor, rich aroma & mild fruity in taste. It is low in acidity & grown on the foothills of the Himalayas ranges between the altitudes of 800 to 1600 Mtrs. making it as probably the best fragrant coffees in the world!


Our current coffee is from Lamjung province, Dudh Pokhara, a small mountain community at 1.800 m altitude.


Greenland Organic Farm’s “Kavre Microlot” Bourbon is produced at ‘Farm Hilltop’ and ‘Farm Basecamp’ both of which are located at Chyamrang Besi of Kavre District, Nepal. Farm Hilltop (27.453613, 85.434472) is at 1.690 meter altitude, probably the highest in Nepal with some old Pacamara plants. Farm Basecamp (27.450869, 85.421375) is at 1.100 to 1.300 Meters. This lot is among some of the finest Arabica washed coffees out of Nepal for this year.

Greenland Organic Coffee Farm is at 58 Kilometers South East from Kathmandu, around 4.5 hours off road bumpy drive and more than 45 minutes sharp uphill trek.

Beautiful coffee, we were offered the whole production and we are proud to sell this.


(Per kilo)

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