Home roasting, none fresher

Indonesia, Washed Arabica, Sumatra, Wahana Plantation, Luwak, Organic

€ 100.00

Wahana Estate


This coffee can also be ordered in smaller quantities, kindly send an e-mail.



Rebate scheme is NOT valid for this coffee!


The civet cat (Luak) strolls under coffee trees, looking for red ripe coffee cherries.
Eats the cherry and digests the ripe and sweet coffee fruit.
The 2 coffee beans, still in parchment, are being excreted. A heap of shit and beans...
The local people gather the heaps and wash the cherries. Then the coffee is being dried, hulled and packed for export to be sold very expensively . . .

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Min. quantity: 150 grams

(Per kilo)

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