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Malawi Washed Arabica , Pamwamba Estate, AA

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Washed Malawi Arabica AA, Pamwamba Plantation, Fine Washed

The Pamwamba Malawi coffee comes from the
Southern Thyolo district of Malawi, which was first
planted in 1979. The altitude varies between 900
and 1000 meters and the terrain consists of rolling
valleys, steep slopes and patches of indigenous
forest between the fields of coffee. The fertile
soils are a mixture of dolerite clay and alluvial soils.
The varieties of coffee grown at Pamwamba are a
mixture of Catimor, with a small percentage of SL
28 coffee. The Pamwamba farm has a rotational
program that uproots and re-plants each field
every seven to eight years, which means they
are always harvesting from young coffee, which
is largely disease free. The coffees are all hand
picked red cherry, with the same trees being repicked
approximately 10 times over the harvest, to
give a good 85 per cent main grade return.

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