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Nepal tea

1st Flush - Nepal Tea, Organic Maofeng Tea - HimalayanTea

€ 7.00

Maofeng green tea - price per 50 gram


We are working jointly together with Greenland Organic Farm and:

Nepal Green and Specialty Tea  Pvt Ltd, Pashupatinagar, Ilam - a small tea factory working with modern Japanese machines (unique in Nepal).

The owners have their own tea garden, further they work together with 130 neighbouring families.

We are very impressed by the quality of the produced teas and have therefore decided to buy only teas from the Rai family.

Please look at our pictures from our visit to Pashupatinagar


First Flush
Maofeng green tea

This tea is one of the world’s most sophisticated Chinese methods of preparing green tea. It has golden/neon green liquor with deep mellow herbal flavor. This tea is not fermented but carefully steamed, rolled and set in different machines all the while, protecting the natural flavors of the hand-picked finest quality ‘one leaf and a bud’. Due to the small white hairs which cover the leaf and bud shape the processed leaves resemble the peak of a mountain. Maofeng refers to ‘Yellow Mountain Fur Peak’.

Dompeltijd: 2,5 - 3 minuten
Temperatuur: 70 - 75C
Opschenkingen: 2x

More information on Nepal tea: Nepal tea info_1.pdf


Het kortingsschema geldt alleen voor ongebrande bonen en geldt voor de totale bestelling, dus niet per soort.

5 kg - 10 kg 5%
10 kg - 15 kg 10%
15 kg - 20 kg 15%
20 kg + 20%
(Per 50 gram)

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