Verser dan zelf branden bestaat niet!

Nieuwe Koffies

Nieuwe Koffies

 Wahana Estate

Zojuist aangekomen, Honey Washed Rasuna en Semi Washed Wahana 

Prachtige koffies, uitermate kundig behandeld.

Zeer mooie brand en volle body. 


Jamaica Blue Mountain

De oogst in Jamaica is ernstig verstoord door koffie ziektes: blad roest en "bessen boorder"

Onze leverancier in Jamaica schreef:

As you know, a combination of Leaf Rust & Berry Borer, during this past JBM Crop, reduced the overall volume virtually to a third of what it was a few years ago. 

We have to report that the forthcoming crop may well be slightly smaller as the result of early instances of "pales" and "lights" brought about by the drought which, moreover, has delayed the new crop and caused major increases in processing costs as the result of the lower yields of export quality coffee as determined by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. We had been hopeful of a slight increase in the new crop volume, over the past year, but early out turns have confounded this hope.

This situation has caused a "Perfect Storm" with cherry prices at farmers' gates achieving record prices unknown in the history of Jamaican coffee as the farming community tries to recoup its losses against an ever-diminishing crop yield compounding costs further in terms of the processing expenses & with demand in Japan having recovered from previous years combined with greatly enhanced demand in such relatively new markets as South Korea.

We, therefore, must give you warning of price increases for green JBM of an unprecedented level, of a minimum of 40 percent, just to cover part of the real increased cost.



Helaas is de Cuba koffie op, we moeten op de nieuwe oogst wachten.

Hopelijk maart/april aankomst.


Misschien de Dominicaanse Republiek?