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Indonesia, Washed Arabica, Sumatra, Wahana Plantation, Gayo Toba, var. P88

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Info van Wahana Estate:

Wahana Estate established in 2005 is located in Lae Mungkur village, Sidikalang sub-district, Dairi district, North Sumatra – Indonesia; at altitude of 1,300 – 1,500 m above sea level.

Wahana P88

Coffee: Gayo Toba

Farm: Wahana Estate

Varietal(s): P88

Processing: Fully Washed

Owner: Wahana Estate

Farm Size: 11.5 ha

Altitude: 1,250 to 1,350 metres above sea level

City: Sidikalang

Region: North Sumatra Province

Country: Sumatra - Indonesia

Additional information:

Gayo Toba is named after a coffee variety P88 that was found mostly in Gayo

(takegon) where we brought it to Wahana Estate which is situated in Lake toba

region in North Sumatera. P88 is a special selected variety that was thought to

be a selection line of catimor that was brought to Aceh. As the coffee brought

out the best flavor from gayo and Toba we decide to name it Wahana Gayo Toba.

P88 variety was one of the varieties that the Dutch introduced to Indonesia from

Colombia and show quite a good adaptability in Indonesia. This varietal was also

researched by ICCRI to find that it has uniform beans, high production and

superior taste. This variety was planted in Wahana in 2011 so as to observe its

suitability, adaptability and taste which were hope to develop interestingly.

About processing:

As well as experimenting with varietals, Wahana has undertaken research on

optimising standard processing methods (dry, wet, wet-hull and honey) to gain an

insight into how processing develops flavour.

The P88 varietal is well known for its strong Body, sweetness and distinctive

acidity. In order to preserve its identity, we decided to process it in Full washed

process. By doing so, we can distinctly understand how varietals and geography

interacts to create this unique cup of coffee.


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