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India Mysore, Washed Arabica, Plantation A

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Een zorgvuldig bereidde Plantation A koffie uit het zuiden van India, Karnateka provincie.


Kalledevarapura estate is situated in the picturesque Bababudan Hills in Chickmagalur region, the birth place of coffee in India. The estate is situated at an altitude of about 4400 ft mainly focusing on Arabica making it an exquisite speciality coffee.
Year of Opening up the plantation
- Early 1900
- 3800 to 4100 ft above sea level
Region of Location
- Bababudangiri Region (250 kms from Bangalore)
Type of Cultivation - Shade Grown
Shade Tress of the Block - Predominantly Sliver Oak, Jack Fruit & Fig trees
Temperature Range - 12 to 32 Deg. C
Harvesting Period
- January to March
Time of Export - February to June
Plant Strain
- Arabica – S.795
- Intense, Sweet, Lemony
Cup Characteristics
- Good body, Flair + Acidity, Slight flavor, Hint of floral & Erbaceous, Sweetish & pleasant after taste, FAQ + to Good
Type of Harvesting - Hand picked & sorted after picking
Methodology of Processing - Fermentation, Washing & Soaking


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