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Behmor 2020SR Plus

€ 449,00

Behmor 2020SR Plus

Een volledig automatische koffiebrander met verschillende brand profielen.

Capaciteit 450 gram groene koffie

Rook onderdrukking






The Behmor 2020SR (230V version) award-winning home coffee bean roaster enables craft coffee roasting to be experienced at home with precision controls and smoke suppression.

The Behmor is the world’s first and only 454 gram capacity coffee roaster with built in smoke suppression technology, taking up to a 454 grams of green coffee to second crack without emitting visible smoke through the use of patent pending smoke suppression technology.
It is the only small capacity roaster in the world manufactured with a variable speed motor to properly agitate beans, allowing for more efficient cooling and chaff removal.

The Behmor coffee roaster is an easy to use coffee roaster that allows the user to utilize preprogrammed roast settings or manually control roast parameters.

Important: Roasting coffee requires practice and attention.

Never ever leave the coffee roaster unattended even for the slightest moment!

Please make sure you read the operating instructions carefully and fully understand how to operate the roaster before using it.

Start with small amounts of beans in order to learn how the coffee roasting process behaves before roasting larger amounts.


Up to 1 pound (454 grams) of coffee beans per roast
Multi-speed motor for better roast control- 16 and 32 RPM
2 x more powerful MCU (Micro Controller) cuts data refresh time by 50%
On Board Audible Beep Advisory (unattended safety cutoff and :15 remaining warning)
Universal Power and Control Boards- adds future flexibility/ work in 120v or 220v*
Reprogrammable Firmware Feature (requires wired connection)
5 pre-programmed roast settings
Patented smoke suppression technology for indoor roasting
Manual roasting override ability of key settings
Unattended Safety Cut off w/ audible advisory
Cooling cycle for quick end to roasting duration
Thermostatically Controlled Quartz Roasting Elements
Lighted interior for visual monitoring during roasting
Adjustable, On-the-Fly Time Controls
Removable roasting drum with internal braces for full bean turbulence
Removable chaff tray for easy cleaning
Automatic System Diagnostics – Troubleshooting
RoHS Compliant- reduced hazardous substances
Easy to clean interior


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